Musebreak: A wonderful online zine for inspiration

I am working at Musebreak this year as the Managing Editor and can’t praise the project enough.  Musebreak is a nonprofit, online magazine dedicated to showing the world that art is important to society.  Every week articles go up that celebrate the fine arts, music, and literature.  There are interviews, music reviews, and many discussions about art which are written with entertainment and understanding foremost in mind.

The range of conversation at Musebreak includes entries on approachable art, stuff that you can do right in your own home; or how to care for your art tools; discussions of art as a healing source of inspiration; and insights into art that sells; as well as the changing standards of art over time, a look at criticism and art’s value to each period that passes; also inspiring stories from individuals about their experiences with art; art that is generous, such as poetry walls and community statues or botanical parks; the recent trends in art including art that begins to break the mold – what about graffiti? When is that art?  Potential articles to come can include investing in art, for example, how do you know when to invest in a piece of art and when to hold off?  Why invest at all?  Book reviews, art history segments with relevance to the non-artist, a discussion of art’s most important figures, cities that just say ‘Art’ when you visit them, and of course some essential comedy pieces.  Everyone needs to laugh.  Laughter may be the best muse of all.

I encourage you to come check out Musebreak when you’re in need of an uplifting few moments some time during your busy week.  The site is designed to inspire.  Let us remind you, in the famous words of Mr. Keating, that, “business, science, engineering; these are all noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.  But beauty, poetry, love; these are what we stay alive for.”